At 37, Debra had already been through a number of medical issues. She suffered from seizure disorder, mental retardation and had meningitis as a child. She was unable to care for herself, so her mother and sister provided her with home care.


    At the request of a physician, a Kindred clinical liaison went to assess Debra, who had been on a ventilator for approximately two years. She received great care at home, which was clear by the condition of her skin – absolutely no breakdown. The reason for the assessment was that both Debra’s physician and family felt that she could be weaned from the ventilator.

    Debra was admitted to Kindred to begin the weaning process. She was very anxious upon her arrival and initially had a difficult time.

    The primary goal of the respiratory team was to wean her off the ventilator and send her home on a trach collar. However, as she proceeded through treatment, it was clear that Debra could reach higher goals. As the respiratory team made progress on her airway, the speech therapist worked on her feeding, which was very important to both Debra and her mother.

    In just a couple of weeks, the Kindred team was able to cap Debra’s trach. After several days she no longer needed oxygen. Before she was discharged home, her demeanor changed. She seemed far less anxious than when she had arrived, and happier.

    The day that Debra went home, her mother was nothing but smiles. Thanks to the coordinated team effort of the dedicated staff – from the home visit from the clinical liaison to housekeeping to the medical staff – Debra not only reached but exceeded her goals, making a huge difference in her life and that of her family. Everyone became a part of Debra’s care and, ultimately, her recovery and return home.

    This is an example of a patient success story from Kindred Chicago Lakeshore. At Kindred Hospitals, dedicated healthcare professionals are creating positive patient outcomes every day. Kindred operates seven transitional care hospitals in Illinois. For more information about Kindred Hospitals, visit www.kindredhospitals.com

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