• Gerald: Healing Wounds, Starting Over

    Gerald describes himself as a “true Chicagoan, through and through.” An avid biker, he frequented the bike path on Lake Michigan during his rides. Within the span of a year, however, all of that changed when he was diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes.

    After a previous hospital admission and two nursing home stays, Gerald was eventually admitted to a local short-term hospital where his right leg was amputated below the knee. Shortly after, he was admitted to Kindred Hospital to continue his recovery. He had suffered from serious complications following his surgery, including many wound issues. In addition to multiple bruises and a painful bedsore, his surgical site had reopened.

    The Kindred Wound Care team, through a targeted and customized treatment plan, healed and resolved all of Gerald’s wounds and prevented the surgical site from reopening again. Since wounds are a common side effect of diabetes, they also helped him to understand and get accustomed to a wound care regimen – showing him how to care for his skin to prevent wounds and how to care for them should he have further skin breakdown.

    Within weeks, Gerald was ready for discharge. His amputated leg was ready for a prosthetic device, and he was more prepared to handle his diabetic condition.

    Gerald is excited to start living his life again – biking the path, working in sales and caring for his 15-year-old son. He is currently awaiting his temporary prosthesis, and is hoping to receive a permanent one soon.  

    Says Gerald of the Kindred staff, “They were all tremendous. From the wound care and rehab teams to the floor nurses to the clinical liaison that went above and beyond. They wowed me.”

    This is an example of a patient success story from Kindred Hospital Chicago North. At Kindred Hospitals, dedicated healthcare professionals are creating positive patient outcomes every day. Kindred operates seven transitional care hospitals in Illinois. For more information about Kindred, click here .

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