• Onet: Vent-free Through Continued Care

    During a routine eye exam, 73-year-old Onet began to have chest pains. Three years prior he had suffered a stroke, so he was immediately admitted to a local hospital where numerous heart and stress tests were done. After two days, a colonoscopy was performed and they found the problem – four polyps in his stomach.

    The polyps were immediately removed, however Onet’s stomach continued to bleed and a subtotal colectomy was performed. The recovery was not going well and Onet was eventually placed in the ICU and within a couple of weeks was put on a ventilator.

    Shortly after, Onet finally stabilized and was admitted to Kindred Hospital for respiratory failure. In addition to being on ventilator support, he required complete assistance for daily activities.

    Once at Kindred, the interdisciplinary team began to work diligently toward his recovery plan – primarily weaning him from the ventilator and getting him up to three hours of rehab a day. Onet was approved for weaning by his physician soon after his admission and began the process. A few weeks later, he was fully weaned from the ventilator and shortly after passed his swallow test and had his trach tube removed.

    Margaret, his wife of 49 years, works for a hospital herself and commended the care at Kindred. “The respiratory team was great and everyone was very courteous and knowledgeable. The staff kept me informed and trained me on how to care for him.”

    By the time he was discharged, Onet was breathing on his own and required only moderate assistance with his daily activities. He is currently continuing his recovery at a rehabilitation center and will eventually return home.

    This is an example of a patient success story from Kindred Chicago Central Hospital. At Kindred Hospitals, dedicated healthcare professionals are creating positive patient outcomes every day. Kindred operates seven transitional care hospitals in Illinois. For more information about Kindred Hospitals, click here .

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