• Rochelle: Restoring Independence and Hope

    To help with her weight loss efforts, 47-year-old Rochelle turned to gastric banding surgery. Following the surgery, she returned to the hospital suffering from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration. Rochelle was discharged home, but returned to the hospital a month after her surgery with diarrhea and fatigue. Her gastric band was revised, and then reversed. During her stay, Rochelle was intubated, given a tracheostomy and placed on a ventilator.

    Once stable, Rochelle was transferred to Kindred Hospital suffering from respiratory failure. Upon her arrival, she was in need of assistance for everyday tasks such as rolling over in bed and sitting up. She could communicate only through facial gestures and writing. Once weaned from her ventilator, and in conjunction with her medical treatment, the rehabilitation staff worked to get Rochelle functioning and moving independently.

    With the assistance of her speech therapist, Rochelle quickly transitioned from tube to oral feeding and was able to speak with single words. Two weeks after her admission she was using complete sentences, and held several phone conversations with her family members.

    Rochelle’s functional mobility also improved, through the help of her physical therapist. Two weeks into her stay at Kindred, she started out taking only six steps. By the time she was discharged she was able to move around freely with the use of a walker.  

    To help with her daily activities, Kindred’s occupational therapist helped her get back on track. Rochelle went from requiring moderate assistance in grooming and dressing, to needing assistance only for set-up when grooming/bathing and dressing herself.

    Just over a month after her arrival at Kindred, Rochelle was ready and excited to return home. She now receives home health care and is very thankful for the services and treatment she received throughout her stay at Kindred Hospital.   

    This is an example of a patient success story from Kindred Hospital Chicago North. At Kindred Hospitals, dedicated healthcare professionals are creating positive patient outcomes every day. Kindred operates seven transitional care hospitals in Illinois. For more information about Kindred, click here .

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